Kayaks for sale at ACE Adventure Gear


Demo Boats

ACE Adventure Gear has a great line of demo boats. Trying a few demos is a great way to make a more educated decision when purchasing a new kayak. Or perhaps you just want to try the latest boat that came out even though you're not thinking of making a purchase. If you do purchase a kayak from us within a year, all demo fees will be credited to your purchase.

Demo Policy

Reservations are not required; demos are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. A $10 deposit is required to take a demo for the day.

To ensure all boats are returned and kept in good condition, we require a working credit card be left in the store. If the boat is not returned by the end of the day, an additional $10 will be charged to the card. This will continue for four days. If after four days the boat has not been returned, the full retail amount of the boat will be applied to the card.  If the boat is damaged or parts are missing, the amount needed to repair/replace parts will be charged to the card.